Role of the Honorary Consul

Jerome Mullen - Honorary Consul of Poland for Northern Ireland

Jerome Mullen – officially appointed as Honorary Consul back in 2009

  • To represent the interests of the Republic of Poland throughout Northern Ireland.
  • To make representation when required to the Government of Northern Ireland, (Secretary of State’s office and Assembly Executive), to Local Government and other Statuary bodies in N I, on behalf of the Republic of Poland as it effects their citizens living in Northern Ireland.
  • To provide assistance to Polish citizens living and working in Northern Ireland, to look after their welfare and defend their rights when required.
  • To promote in Northern Ireland the general interests of Poland especially the commercial and cultural, and to seek out opportunities to develop these interests.
  • To be available to the business community in Northern Ireland who may wish to invest or do business in Poland, to create ongoing awareness here and to provide information where possible.
  • To work with the Consul General of Poland in Edinburgh and facilitate periodic visits by the Ambassador, Consul General, and the Vice Consuls to Northern Ireland.
  • To carry out the instructions and wishes of the Ambassador, Consul General at all times and to provide information and advice when requested or required.