About the Honorary Consul

Jerome Mullen is a highly successful entrepreneur and business man with over 45 years experience in various managerial roles across a wide range of industries and businesses, from the retail shoe industry to agriculture and waste management.

Jerome is highly motivated as demonstrated by the various businesses he has started over the years, and the many non-profit organisations in which he has taken an active and leading role in.

He has an extremely positive approach and always strives to achieve the highest quality standards. With his fierce determination and forward thinking ability Jerome is never afraid to bring about change for the betterment of business or the community that he lives amongst. This was most clearly demonstrated during his 3 year term as the President of the Newry Chamber of Commerce when he re-organised and re-built the structure of the Chamber, which lead to making it one of the largest and most active Chambers in Northern Ireland.

Jerome also succeeded in amalgamating the Chamber of Commerce with the Chamber of Trade to create one Chamber organisation only representing all businesses in Newry. Over the past 15 years Jerome has been involved in organising a Christmas Charity business dinner which attracts over 700 people and raises over £80,000 for children’s charities each year. To date over 1 million pounds has been raised.

Jerome has been a Director of The Clanrye Group since 1985, which is one of the largest community based training organisations in Northern Ireland, He has been Chairman of its Board of Directors for over 20 years, from which he has just retired in December 2015, and over that period he guided it through many challenges and changes.

With the arrival in 2004 of people from the new member states of the European community in particular from Poland, Jerome has taken a particular interest in making them feel welcome, and helping where possible.

In November 2016 Consul Jerome Mullen was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit for his outstanding service to Poland and the Polish community living in Northern Ireland.

Married for 46 years with 3 children, Jerome is a dedicated family man and is a well liked and respected member of the community, due to his very approachable and personable nature.

He has a great interest in vintage cars and was responsible for starting in 1986 what became the largest vintage car show in Ireland, and which is held annually ever since in Kilbroney Park Rostrevor.  His sporting interests is wide and varied and enjoys playing Golf as well as watching Rugby and Gaelic Football.